Chapter I – Membership




Section A – Membership.

Membership in the Association shall be limited to one of the following categories.

Category 1 – Director Membership. The agency shall be represented by the director or chief executive officer of any board or other policy-making body, which is established and empowered by state law and possesses statewide authority and responsibility for the development and implementation of minimum standards for licensure of dentists and dental personnel. In no instance shall any state board be represented by more than one director. The Executive Committee shall accept the credentials for the director of each state board.

Category 2 – General Membership. The criteria for this membership category shall include:

  • Any professional employee of an agency represented by a director;
  • Any member of the board or other policy-making body of any state, to which a director is responsible; or
  • Any individual employed by and/or within any country, other than the United States, and whose public employment and responsibilities are deemed to be the equivalent of that otherwise required herein for membership.

Category 3 – Life Membership. Candidates for Life Membership will be determined by the Executive Committee. This category shall be limited to those members who conclude their service in the position which provided eligibility for their membership and who have contributed significantly to the Association through membership or other accomplishments inuring to the benefit of this Association. In addition, candidates for Life Membership must have served in an officer position in this Association, and as an active Association member for a minimum of 10 continuous years prior to the conclusion of dental board or testing agency service as described above. Life Membership may be granted to others as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. Benefits of Life Membership include full waiver of Association membership dues and Association meeting registration fees, plus continued access to Association member communications. Any other expenses associated with participating in Association functions will be borne by the Life Member.

Category 4 – Sustaining Membership. This category shall be limited to any individual, partnership, foundation, corporation for profit or not for profit, national or regional testing agencies, or other entity, involved directly or indirectly with the development, education, training or testing of dentists and dental personnel.

Eligibility for Membership. Approval or disapproval of any request for membership shall be determined by majority vote of the Executive Committee provided that in no instance shall a request for general, life, or sustaining membership be approved without sponsorship of a state director who is a member in good standing with the Association. The Executive Committee may deny or discontinue any membership for arrears or nonpayment of dues or assessments, or for other action inconsistent with the mission and focus of this Association.


Section B – Voting.

Each director of the Association shall have one vote representing the state in which they serve, provided that a director may designate a general member for that state to vote in their absence by proxy as outlined in Section C below at a general meeting of the Association. In the conduct of the Association’s business, all members shall be allowed to vote on any matter with the following exceptions:

Following any vote, any director or their designee, may move a “division of state”. When such motion is sustained by three (3) directors or their designees, the presiding officer shall allow no less than five (5) minutes and no more than fifteen (15) minutes for the member states to caucus for the purpose of casting a single vote on the matter. Upon reconvening, the presiding officer shall cause a secret ballot vote to be called, tallying the votes on the matter in accordance with these Bylaws. Such votes shall be cast by the director or their designee.

The purpose of this provision is to maintain balance within the Association. As all states are deemed to be equal in the Association, and the above provision protects the undue influence upon the Association by any one state or membership category. Moreover, the provision also preserves the unique position of each state’s director in the setting of policy and direction for the American Association of Dental Administrators.


Section C – Proxies.

At any meeting of the Association, a member may vote by proxy. All proxies must be executed in writing and signed by the member. The proxy may be voted only by the agent designated in the written proxy and only for the time period designated in writing on the proxy.


Section D – Action without a Meeting.

The President may authorize that a vote may be taken between meetings of the Association, by mail, facsimile, electronic mail, or other form of communication on any matter the President deems appropriate. All members of the Association must be sent written notice of such a vote at least ten (10) calendar days if sent electronically, by overnight courier, or by first-class or registered mail. If notice is sent in any other way, all members of the Association must be sent written notice of such a vote at least fifteen (15), but no more than thirty (30), days before the deadline date by which votes must be cast.

A written or electronic ballot must be delivered to every member entitled to vote on the matter, must set forth each proposed action, and must provide an opportunity to vote for or against each proposed action.

A quorum is defined in Chapter III, Section D, of these Bylaws. For the purposes of taking action without a meeting, a count of those present and voting is defined as those active members who respond to the written notice and issue a written or electronic ballot by the designated deadline date by which action must be taken. A simple majority for action shall be considered as one more than fifty percent (50%) of those present and voting by written or electronic ballot.